IceVista Services
Our services are tailored to startups, corporations and investors.

Brainstorming and Concept Bullet Proofing

With years of experience IceVista has developed a proprietary and unique ability to facilitate and lead brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. Our approach is both creative and results driven. It includes gaining an understanding of the challenges that any concept will face in implementation, and other key success factors.

Market Research and Analysis

IceVista’s researchers have years of experience in direct primary market research. We do not rely solely on market reports for our opinions; we gather a realistic understanding of the market. Our market research can be used as input to strategy and business plan development or financial models, as well as sales/channel lead generation and qualification.

Strategy Development and Modelling

Strategy development is more than having an idea about what to do, it is about having the tools to assess and understand how market unknowns or variations will impact on your ability to make money. Our models have been developed over years and include both sensitivity analysis and scenario planning.

Financial Strategy and Fundraising

IceVista has experience on both sides of the investment table; having helped numerous companies raise money, and having made numerous other investments for ourselves or our clients over the years. We have assisted in the acquisition of companies and we have assisted in the sale of companies. We are thus well placed to assist you through the entire process to conclusion.

On-going Strategic Advice

IceVista’s core strength and experience is in the commercialisation of innovative concepts, our focus is on execution and delivery, and hence many of our clients engage us to play an active role in growing their businesses through the development execution of their go-to-market strategies. This includes securing strategic partnerships, channels and customers.

Exit and Value Realisation

The ultimate measure of success for an investor and shareholder is financial return. IceVista engages with shareholders and company executives to develop and execute proactive value realisation strategies which can include sale of part or all of the company, exits for one or all of the shareholders, divestments etc.

Creativity and Innovation Benchmarking

IceVista has experienced people in the area of creativity and innovation training and benchmarking. We can assist you by developing a standalone plan (or one that is part of a bigger culture change programme) to make measurable change in the company’s innovation.


Many companies battle with the need to innovate and incubate fresh ideas, products and services; while at the same time ensuring that their cash cows still provide the necessary liquidity. Those ideas can become either new products or services for the company, or the source of IP or spinout opportunities. IceVista can assist companies develop the appropriate plans and processes (based on experience and not just knowledge) to ensure your R&D spend is more of an investment and less of a cost.

IP Assessment and Commercialisation Strategies

IceVista has assisted companies in the past by assessing which IP (patents, know-how etc) are lying dormant within a company. We can assess that IP and assist you in determining whether or not the patents should be dropped to save cost or commercialised in some way within or outside the company.

Spinout / Spinoff

Many companies have entrepreneurs or business concepts which are valid or promising in their own right, but do not fit the company’s core business or strategic objectives. IceVista works with companies to identify these opportunities and develop appropriate strategies to successfully commercialise those concepts outside the corporation while ensuring the company gets the value it has helped create.


Not all business ventures end up being as successful or as strategically important as they were once thought to be. Let’s face it, things change. IceVista can assist corporations, when this happens, in developing a strategy to sell, spinout, or shut down the entity in question.


Several successful corporations recognise that they need to know more about the market than they do, and need to keep a constant eye out for new technologies or concepts which may give them a competitive edge or potentially be a threat / competitor to their business. Others realise that their in-house skills and market knowledge allow them to make better downstream value judgments and hence wish to exploit that by making investments in high growth potential companies. IceVista can assist you in putting the appropriate structures in place (working with legal, tax and other experts). We also offer an outsourced management service to guide these investments from deal sourcing to exit.

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