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IceVista builds and rescues  / restructures high growth potential businesses.
Our experience in entrepreneurship, growth, restructuring, fund raising, international scaling, our track record of delivering results as a trusted partner, mean regular clients become partners and advocates providing confident to new clients.

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Our values

Passionate about Results, Committed to Delivery

IceVista is about results, communication, drive and delivering on commitments. We are determined, with a strong focus on delivering value to each and every client and contributing party.

Forging Long Term Relationships with Integrity and Honesty

We forge long term relationships with our partners, clients and staff, grounded on the principles of integrity and honesty. We understand and are committed to these values, and we believe that any short term and long term success lies in the strength of our reputation.

Growing through Creativity and Diversity

IceVista promotes creativity and diversity, we grow through challenging our perceptions; identifying, encouraging and harnessing true innovation, where we push beyond obstacles and provide direction and a deeper understanding.

Fun and Motivating Atmosphere

IceVista is serious about business and yet strives to be a fun and motivating workplace. Our clients and staff enjoy working together, after all business is about and between people. True leadership and motivation bring out the best in people, make for effective and efficient cooperation. That after all is good for business too.

Partners, Clients and References - Companies IceVista has worked with
  • “Brendon has played a critical role as a Board Member of Lumitrend. His connections and experience in the wireless industry have been invaluable in driving the direction, messaging and strategic decisions of the company, and we are grateful for his continued participation. Plus he’s a great and honest guy to work with!”

    Rob Meadows
    Founder and CEO Lumitrend
  • “Brendon is a great business partner. He thinks long term, has big ambitions, is a natural net-worker, has always been straight-forward and open in his dealings, is an excellent negotiator, works collaboratively with other investors, gets involved and helps the investee companies. He is charming, easy to like and builds a sense of trust amongst those who work with him.”

    David Denny
    GP - Oxford Technologies VC
  • “After a lengthy search, Brendon was selected to head E6 Ventures. He brings the necessary deal-making skills combined with a great market focused drive, the necessary structure and attention to detail while always aiming firmly at the “exit”. He has an extensive network with global reach that he puts to good use. Great to work with, he is a team player and generates a good spirit in the ventures group”

    Christian Hultner
    Group CEO - Element Six
  • “Brendon is a serial entrepreneur with a vast experience in capital raising for start-ups. He is a people person, who through his management style and communication skills is able to bring a team of people to live a single vision. Integrity in dealing with the various stakeholders in a venture (staff, partners, investors) is one of his core values.”

    Thierry Pollet
    VP Engineering, Likva
  • “Brendon is a lateral thinker that helped us take a different perspective at what we were doing. He helped us keep our focus on building a tool for our users that is simple, flexible and responds to the real needs of our users. He is fun to work with and spending time with him just gives our team some fresh air and fresh perspectives. This is precious, when you know how much pressure a fast growing start-up can put on your shoulders. Brendon has extensive international experience and an impressive global network of contacts, which has helped us tremendously. As a conclusion, we’re really happy to have Brendon as an advisor to YiHa, and can only recommend you to try to convince him to do the same for your start-up / company.”

    Mathieu France
    Founder and CEO - Yiha

    “Brendon is a brilliant visionary with a tremendous knack for building successful companies. The best Venture Capitalist I have ever worked with…”


    Felix Ejeckam
    CEO - Group4Labs Inc
  • “I have interacted with Brendon for two years. First he is a very clear and strategic thinker. He is open and honest, you never question where you stand and he is not afraid to ask the tough questions and to tell it like he sees it, rather than telling you want you want to hear. He sees the big picture and at the same time he spends enough time on the detail to really understand… He interacts well with the entrepreneurial mind set found in small companies. He has been there and knows what the entrepreneur is going through, an asset if you are working together.”

    James Herlinger
    Founder & CEO - Sp3 Inc
  • “Brendon is a visionary leader and knows instinctively how to get the best out of his team and colleagues. He achieves this through his superb soft skills. These soft skills are coupled with robust commercial and business acumen. He has a natural ability to seek out appropriate deals and ensure they are closed successfully to a mutually beneficial solution. This has resulted in multiple investors choosing to re-invest with Brendon.”

    Simon Kinsela
    Element Six
  • “Brendon has the unique capability to combine business experience and market knowledge with common sense. He listens to people and analyses carefully what they want to achieve. He understands extremely well how business works, what investors look for, how markets evolve and how this all fits together. Brendon is a very respected board member of Instruxion and adds a lot of value in determining the company’s vision and strategy. I really enjoy working with him.”

    Geert Coppens
    Founder & CEO - Instruxion
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