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I have worked on several projects with Brendon and all have resulted in positive results for our clients. Brendon has a very technical background and can speak in easy to understand terms to businessmen that do not have such a technical backround. Brendon delivers on what he promises. I recommend Brendon and I look forward to working with him again.

Jeff ScheinrockFaculty Director UCLA Anderson AMRP

Brendon has a clear vision on how to manage a business, balancing strategic goals with commercial targets.

Luc BuntinxCTO - Sinfilo

After a lengthy search, Brendon was selected to head E6 Ventures. He brings the necessary dealmaking skills combined with a great market focused drive, the necessary structure and attention to detail while always aiming firmly at the "exit". He has an extensive network with global reach that he puts to good use. Great to work with, he is a team player and generates a good spirit in the ventures group.

Christian HultnerCEO E6 Group

Brendon is a brilliant visionary with a tremendous knack for building successful companies. Get him if you can .... !!!!

Felix EjeckamCEO Group 4 Labs Inc

Brendon has the unique capability to combine business experience and market knowledge with common sense. He listens to people and analyses carefully what they want to achieve. He understands extremely well how business works, what investors look for, how markets evolve and how this all fits together. Brendon is a very respected board member of Instruxion and adds a lot of value in determining the company's vision and strategy. I really enjoy working with him.

Geert CoppensCEO - Instruxion

Brendon brought visionary leadership and team building skills to our team. He has been able at negotiating deals and significantlyincreased deal flow through his exstensive network of contacts. He has enthusiasm and energy.

Christopher Ogilvie ThompsonVenture Partner E6Ventures

Brendon is an exceptional team leader who really understands people giving him a natural ability to negotiate the optimum deals. He is also a motivator and teacher so this, along with his "people skills", has enabled Brendon to build-up a substantial network of contacts - all who see Brendon as a thoroughly likeable friend!

Chris WortVenture Partner - E6Ventures

I have interacted with Brendon for two years. First he is a very clear and strategic thinker. He is open and honest, you never question where you stand and he is not afraid to ask the tough questions and to tell it like he sees it, rather than telling you want you want to hear.

He sees the big picture and at the same time he spends enough time on the detail to really understand.

He hosted a meeting last year that involved 10 small companies tied to the same investor. The meeting was well organized, fun and productive. He interacts well with the entrepreneurial mind set found in small companies. He has been there and knows what the entrepreneur is going through, an asset if you are working together.

Jim HerlingerCEO - SP3

Brendon is a visionary leader and knows instinctively how to get the best out of his team and colleagues. He achieves this through his superb soft skills. These soft skills are coupled with robust commercial and business acumen. He has a natural ability to seek out appropriate deals and ensure they are closed successfully to a mutually beneficial solution. This has resulted in multiple investors choosing to re-invest with Brendon.

Simon KinsellaDirector - Barclays Wealth Management

Brendon has played a critical role as a Board Member of Lumitrend. His connections and experience in the wireless industry have been invaluable in driving the direciton, messaging and strategic decisions of the company, and we are grateful for his continued participation. Plus he's a great and honest guy to work with!

Rob MeadowsFounder AI Foundation

I worked with Brendon on two co-investments over a period of about 3 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and hope to have more co-investments with him in future funds. Brendon is a good business partner. He thinks long term, has big ambitions, is a natural net-worker, has always been straight-forward and open in his dealings, is an excellent negotiator, works collaboratively with other investors, gets involved and helps the investee companies. He is charming, easy to like and builds a sense of trust amongst those who work with him.

David DennyGeneral Partner - Oxford Technology

Brendon is one of the best entrepreneur and leader I met along my carreer.
Meeting this guy can change the future of your company. Whatever you build with him, you will have an impact for sure.
Brendon has transversal skills from Internet marketing to fund raising via management. He's the guy you must meet to boost your entrepreneurship and financial skills. I highly recommend to work with him. Moovly is for sure the next big thing. Brendon is my mentor and also already a great friend of mine. I'm having fun and we are playing to win.

Antoine GounelCEO - GraphyStories

I've known Brendon since 2003, when Telenet bought the first startup Brendon led. Since then we have worked together on a number of startups and we are co-invested in a number of company together.

Jan VorstermansCEO Qunova

Having worked closely with Brendon for the best part of two years at Moovly, I feel fortunate to have worked with, and learned from, someone with such a wealth of knowledge and experience. His strategic vision, drive, and ability to focus on what's crucial is exceptional. Aside from being a great business leader and visionary, his humour and ability to motivate is infectious, and we quickly became very good friends as well as colleagues. I highly recommend Brendon if you are in need of someone to advise you on how to set out the crucial strategic objectives for your business, and how to organise yourself to achieve those objectives.

Damian KeaneMarketing Manager - Moovly